Mar 16, 2018

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Two Sides Of Assisted Living Facilities

Two Sides Of Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are housing facilities for disabled people, elderly people or any adult who can’t live independently on their own. They provide care to them and cater to their special needs. They often employ medical staff to help them with taking care of the residents. These facilities are similar to retirement homes but the retirement homes are mostly for elderly. They are provided by both profit and non-profit organizations. In recent times these facilities have become a budding business and provide varying range of levels of care and other facilities based on different packages that have different cost ranges.

Assisted living is needed by those who need assistance in some or all daily activities like feeding, bathing, walking, medical assistance etc.. These facilities are most used by elderly people, but a very small population of disabled or sick younger people (<65 years) also uses them. There are some assisted living facilities that serve people with mental diseases like Alzheimer’s, they are usually more secure than normal assisted living facilities as they have to make sure that the residents don’t harm themselves. These facilities can sometimes even be locked facilities if the need is felt.

Various advantages of these facilities are:

  • The people who can’t take care of themselves have a place to live under constant care.
  • As they provide group housing, people don’t feel alone or left out.
  • Medical attention is available all the time, so they are safer for people with chronic or dangerous diseases.
  • They let people live independency (people have their own rooms or small apartments), so that they can have privacy.
  • They allow people to lead their normal lives for e.g. they often allow residents to keep their pets, the residents can smoke or use tobacco if they want.

Disadvantages of these facilities include:

  • It has been observed that most of these facilities are owned by commercial or profit organizations.
  • They have become a business; these organizations charge a lot of money in the name of extra facilities.
  • The governments have little or no control over them(varies for different countries)
  • There have been cases of neglect or abuse against some facilities.

Like everything, assisted living facilities also have both the good and the bad side. Overall they are a great initiative and the concept is gradually spreading across different parts of globe as people prefer to live independently nowadays. As the concept is maturing, there’s a need of more government interference to ensure the safety and cost effectiveness of such facilities.

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