Apr 11, 2018

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How To Find The Authorised Moneylender In Singapore

How To Find The Authorised Moneylender In Singapore

A money lender is a group of an individual who gives out small money loans at a very high interest and works independently from any financial institution or a bank. An advantage of taking a loan from a money lender over financial and bank institutions is that the loan processing is quick. It does not require a lot of legal work and procedures.

When it comes to taking a loan from an authorised money lender in Singapore many people view it with a judgemental eye. Common questions that they raise are like, “are you having a gambling problem?” or “are you in trouble with your bank”?

The fact is there are legit reasons for taking a loan from authorised money lender like when you need a quick personal loan and you do not have a good credit score. Also when you want to run a small business. Authorised money lender in Singapore offers solutions low-income earners who do not qualify a bank loan.

Finding the authorised money lender in Singapore can be quite challenging because they are many out there. Firstly, do a quick search on the money lenders in Singapore Visit Credit Excel and check whether they are licensed to offer personal loans. Secondly, narrow down to a few money lenders and visit their offices to get more information on how they process loans and to verify their credentials. Thirdly, all processes are done openly and allow you to make the final decision.

A good money lender would not care about your credit records or bank loans because they work independently from such financial institutions. Lastly, you can ask a family member or a friend who has used money lender services to guide you on getting a licensed money lender.

With these tips, you are able to get the authorised money lender in Singapore.

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