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Hi, I’m Elena Prezidentova.
Have you heard anything about me? If not I hope you’ll hear about me pretty soon. I’m not so famous as Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer but I hope to be. On the other side I’m young and have a lot of time for it. It has been done a lot for it already out. I’m sure the most interesting in our model business is waiting for us soon. It depends on you because the model as any other woman is in a success when she is admired, appriciated and she is wanted. If we are strangers this site is a good way to make aquaintance closer. Now about site itself. It my home, my podium and my club of interests at the same time.

If you want to learn more about me you’ll have this opportunity reading points in details:
My bio, my portfolio, my fan club…
My achievements, my contacts, my hobby…
My girlfriends, my favorite sites, guestbook- also about me…
And very much more interesting and different!
It will take a lot of time to tell but it’s better to see.
You are Wellcome. Come in and make yourself at home!